5 Things To Dwell on when Comparison Has You Trapped!


“She looks like she has it all together”,  “Wow, I have only lost 6 lbs, she has lost 30 and looks amazing!”,  “Why can’t I be motivated like her”, “She must have good genes, I will NEVER look like that”.

Do any of these phrases sound Familiar?  Have you said these in your mind before as you scroll thru Facebook, Instagram, or even while you are going about your day?  I feel like a lot of these sentences are things many women say daily and have become ingrained into our brains and in turn, we have become trapped!  For me, these are things I have said over and over and over.  They were part of the culture of my brain and sometimes I find them trying to sneak back in.

In my pursuit of health and fitness, I have noticed a trend of up’s and down’s that I experience.  It can be a lull in my motivation to exercise,  a lax in my clean eating and keeping out the junk, or it could even be I am feeling on top of the world where I can accomplish anything!!!  Can I be a little honest?  I am in a lull right now.  My eating hasn’t been stellar, my motivation to exercise has been dull, and I have had some stinking thinking myself!  In these times I turn to writing out my reasons for this shift in my journey.  I have come to the conclusion that I have allowed negative thoughts to over take my thinking and as a result I have turned to the dreaded word….COMPARISON!!!!! UGH!  Just to say the word makes me cringe!  So, it is time to get back my positive thinking and keep it moving!  I have come up with a list of 5 Things To Dwell On when I turn to Comparison, Negative Thinking, and a Defeatist Attitude!  So…here they are!

5 Things To Dwell On:

  1. Comparison trains your mind to ignore what you have already accomplished! 

Um, I’m sorry, since when did my journey and accomplishments become dead in my mind so much that I am now comparing myself to someone else with a different type of journey!  I have worked my tush off, become healthier than I have ever been and I am letting some idea that another person is better than me because I am maybe not there where they are yet?  What kind of crazy thinking is that?!!!  I will NOT ignore my progress because frankly I am really proud about how far I have come!  Not to mention I need to be inspired by other’s and their journey as well!  Isn’t that what it is all about?  Knock it off!!


I have become obsessed with setting goals.  So much so that I set them weekly!  I have to remind myself that my goals are NOT the same as someone else’s and I have to remember why I have set these specific goals for myself.  So, when I start to feel unmotivated, I open my journal and see my goals staring back at me and then I have no choice but to feel more motivated after seeing them again!

3. You have a UNIQUE Path.

This one I really need to keep in mind.  My path has not been easy, I have had to overcome some serious obstacles to get to a point where I am right now.  I have climbed over depression, anxiety, and a slip up with my eating disorder just in 7 months!  My path has been uniquely created by my Heavenly Father and I must not lose sight of what HE has for me!

4. Quiet the outside Noise.

I must put aside the very things that bring in the chatter.  I need to sit quietly away from it all and just breathe.  I need to journal, pray, and maybe even cry a bit to get it out so I can move on.

5. BE Thankful

I have started the practice of every morning meditating on the things I am thankful for.  I need to be thankful for how far I have come, that I said YES to my journey, and that I have a loving family that supports my efforts and cheers me on.  This takes Comparison out of the equation and returns it to where it belongs…IN THE TRASH!


Don’t let comparison steal your accomplishments.  Don’t allow the lie that someone else’s life, fitness, or journey seals a fate for you that you will never accomplish your goals!  Instead allow someone’s journey to inspire you. Look at yourself in that mirror and know that YOU are amazing and deserve to continue to pursue those AWESOME goals you have set for yourself.  Because I KNOW you can achieve them.  Together lets achieve greatness and pursue Health and Happiness!



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