February 24th through March 2nd 2013 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.  This week is all about reflection, inspiration, taking action, and Education.  For me, this week (actually Today) marks 8 years of Recovery from Anorexia/Bulimia.  My journey started 16 years ago.  It wasn’t until I was 21 that I decided to pick myself up and actually RECOVER!  It was after my 21st birthday, on the 24th of February that I decided during a fundraiser that I was doing for the National Eating Disorders Association at my college, that it was about time that I stopped making excuses, stopped playing the victim, and started to fight back.

I was tired, beaten down and couldn’t stand to think of losing against such a terrible disease.  An Eating Disorder is very much like an addiction to a substance.  For me it was an addiction to the lack of food and a high that I would feel when I wouldn’t eat or when I purged.  The only thing about this addiction unlike others, is that as human beings, we need to eat to survive.  So my addiction was thrown in my face pretty much everywhere I looked.

The decision I made, included me to start taking my treatment and therapy serious!  Every year I have worked on something different in my recovery.  It is a process and something that I face everyday.  I have to fight it everyday, but God helps me with that.  It was through my trials and years of working towards this 8 years of recovery that I found my way back to God.  God has taken my recovery path to a whole different level.  I am a work in progress and this year, my 8th year I am going to work on nutrition and optimal health!  To some this may seem easy, but for a recovering Anorexic/Bulimic, it is VERY scary and very tough.  You know what though?  The cool thing is, I have God so, I have NOTHING to fear!

In closing, I want to reach out to those that may be struggling with an Eating Disorder whether it be Anorexia, Bulimia, or Compulsive Overeating….or you just struggle taking care of yourself.  I want to say to you all that I am living proof that you CAN get through this.  Do yourself a favor and for once, care enough to try.  Dare to stare your disorder back in the face and say, “You are NOT going to take me down…. I refuse.”  It worked for me and I have the faith and belief that it will work for you!  Below, I have listed a few sites that anyone can go to get more information about Eating Disorders and where to get help.

Remember my angels…. YOU ARE ALL WONDERFULLY MADE!!!!!

National Eating Disorders Association: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org

Medline Plus/ U.S National Library of Medicine: www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/eatingdisorders.html       

The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders: www.something-fishy.org


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