A Resolution Solution!


It is that time of year where everyone likes to make their New Years Resolution.  January is the month of new beginnings and dreams of a change of pace!  I have always liked January because of this.  Even though people have the best of intentions in trying to change their ways of doing certain things (dieting, exercise, no swearing…etc), people always seem to fall short.  We are human beings, that is what we do!  Thinking more and more about this the other day I asked myself this question, “Is there a solution to the resolution?”  In talking with a friend over coffee, I came up with one.  Actually, she came up with it and I decided I was going to live it!

I have many things that I want to change this year.  I have a tendency to overwhelm myself though and within the first two weeks of trying to change things, I quit!  I always put too much pressure on myself.  It is a curse that I call, my Type A personality.  So, this year I am going to do something different.  I am setting SMALL goals for myself.  Even though there are a few things I want to change, ultimately, I need to take small steps to get there.  It is all about changing your thought process.  You don’t need to jump on the bandwagon of becoming a completely different person.  Stay you, and set small goals.  For example, I am really working on my health this year.  I want to become healthy and comfortable with me.  There is a lot to doing that though, so I decided to write steps to get there.  You have to know what you want and really think about what is do-able in your life and in your schedule.  Don’t be afraid to dream but you need to be realistic.

God didn’t create you with a spirit of fear or a spirit of giving up!  Change the way you pursue your resolution and baby step your way through it!  God knows you can do it and so do I!

Remember, You are all WONDERFULLY MADE!

ps.  Post some comments and let me know how you all are doing!  I would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “A Resolution Solution!

  1. Kelli

    I love your small step approach. At times I get so overwhelmed by the list of things I want to accomplish that it stiffles me before I even get started. Here’s to a new year of attempting to get organized and step closer to managing my home as well as I managed my career.

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