The Insatiable Quest for Beauty & Tiffany Dawn!


This past week I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a young woman named, Tiffany Dawn.  She is a writer, singer/songwriter and inspirational speaker that has a similar goal to me.  She wants to change the way women perceive themselves in the context of this world!  She is a spit-fire of a Christian woman who is using her God-given talents to bring inspiration to girls and women around our country!  She has written a book called “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” that is based on her own personal journey.  What is unique about this book is that each chapter is broken up into “Coffee Dates” and coincides with a song on her album “this is who I am” .   Every single song is written by her.  As soon as she gave me the CD, I popped it in my CD player in my car.  Her voice is angelic and speaks to what so many girls and women go through.  Tiffany quit her job to follow a calling that she knows  God wants her to do!  She is going to really change many lives and I am proud to call her friend!  What another great example of a woman who is willing to stand up for what is right and to smack the false ideals our society places on us in the face!  You Go Girl!!!!  Tiffany Dawn is WONDERFULLY MADE!!!  Please please please ladies check out her stuff!!!



You can find Tiffany Dawn at the following links below!!

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