The Pro-Recovery Movement!


I am very excited to announce an online movement that I strongly support!  It is called the Pro-Recovery movement.  As you all know I am a huge advocate for recovery of eating disorders and the continuous fight against the horrible disease.  Please join this cause.  Visit this website  Find out more about this amazing website and how they and their followers (including me) are trying to eliminate Pro-Eating Disorder Websites (eg. Pro-Ana & Pro-Mia).  These are sites that continuously pop up on the web that support the disease of eating disorders and often depict ways to be anorexic and bulimic.  I know a lot about these sites because when I was in my active eating disorder of Anorexia/Bulimia, I would visit these sites to get tips.  It really fed into my illness and made me more sick.  These are dangerous websites that need to be stopped.  Please help me and support this worthy cause to keep the World Wide Web positive, healthy and permanently rid the web of these sites.   “Eating Disorder Hope”  ( is a great site that I fully support and I hope you will too!  I will be looking out for feedback from you all about your thoughts of this site!  God Bless and remember you are all, WONDERFULLY MADE!

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