Who We Are In Christ…. The Beginning of a Series!


So I have been thinking and praying really hard about what God wants me to write about.  I have been feeling empty but still encouraged  by my goal and sense of urgency to help other women of God who struggle with self-esteem, food issues, body image, mental illness, and even their relationship with God.

I started to think back to the time when I was really struggling to recover and find God again.  My eating disorder had come to a point of affecting my body so much I didn’t recognize hunger and I didn’t recognize myself anymore.  That time was so painful and it took me so much energy to do anything even to fight for myself.  Thinking back on this sparked a memory of a very special and Life Saving gift that I received.  It was a journal that had the words, “Trust in the Lord” engraved into the leather bound cover.  It was from my mom.  In it was life saving scripture and individualized prayers that she wrote to God about me.  In every prayer that was written on a note card, you could see the sense of urgency and faith my mother had that her prayers would reach me.  At first I just looked at it as a gift but I quickly realized after I read thru each prayer that this would save my life.

So needless to say, I know this gift needs to be shared.  With each scripture and validation I will write a post.  It is going to be called the “Who We are in Christ” series.  I truly believe God has reminded me of this precious gift and wants me to share it with you all!  So ladies stay tuned and together we will explore who we are in Christ!!!

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