Leave It at the Cross


“He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right.  By his wounds you are healed.”1 Peter 2:24

Throughout the years I have struggled with many challenges which have all been scary and sometimes exciting.  As women we have a tendency to want to run away from challenges or ignore them.  What we tend to forget is that those challenges come back or follow us no matter how hard we try to hide from them.  For many years I had difficulty realizing that even though I wasn’t engaging in the behaviors of my eating disorder, it was continuing to plague my everyday life.  For a while I thought that if I just ignored the thoughts long enough, they would just go away.  Well, guess what!  I was wrong (I know it’s a complete shocker), but I was.  Eventually I came to the realization that God didn’t want me to live like this.  In fact the very act of me ignoring a problem was me carrying a sin that was keeping me from being able to glorify God!  Not trusting and having little faith in God to carry me through my challenge and fight my eating disordered thoughts was a sin.

Last week I was in my Yoga class, which God has blessed me and brought this practice into my life.  During class my instructor had us meditate throughout our practice on one thing.  The one thing that I always meditate on is God.  When I meditate on God, he uses that opportunity to connect with me and bring thoughts into my mind.  This time he brought something very powerful to my mind and I felt like I really needed to share this.  The thought that came to my mind was…. “Leave it at the cross.”  Plain and simple statement.

This made me think about what God accomplished for us on the Cross.  He gave his only Son, Jesus so that we could have Grace, Mercy, Love, and Serenity in him.  God doesn’t want us to continue to struggle with the same things in our lives.  He wants us to move forward so that we can spread the word about his Grace and Love for others.  I look at how much time I wasted on worrying about things that do not matter when I could have been spending time with my Father in Heaven thinking about what I can do to help others and show God’s love.  He wants us to leave our hang-ups at the Cross….where he lays them to rest so that we don’t have to deal with them.  Part of laying those things down though is trusting and having the faith that God will take care of you.

So I ask…. what do you need to “Leave at the Cross?”  What is keeping you from showing the potential that God has for you in your life?

4 thoughts on “Leave It at the Cross

    • Anna we should definitely chat. I would love that! I have some future posts that I am working on that will maybe give you some inspiration or help you with some stuff. Stayed tuned!! You are loved!

    • Dear Stephanie, God has opened doors for you and you have been walking through them. I assure you that your faithful steps will be rewarded. He loves you and knows your heart. However, continued self-loathing defeats God’s purpose in your life. Your body is a perfect temple that God created just for his purpose. Keep staying faithful.

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