Distance Between Your Eyes and Your Soul


Every Monday evening I lead what my Church calls a Life Group. It’s basically a bible study led by people in our Church that have a passion or calling by God to mentor and disciple others in the Church in a small group setting. There are a variety of Life Groups provided for the people who attend Life Church.tv/Albany. Some of the groups are topic led, women’s, men’s, couples, and the list goes on.

I am honored and privileged to lead my Life Group called, “Girl Power.” It is for young women ages 18-25 years old. My vision for this group is for these young women to see themselves thru God’s eyes, help them to build their relationship with God, and build their self-esteem. I love the women of this group. They are amazing young women of God! I feel a lot of the time they end up changing me for the better. Such intelligence and potential in one small group. Watch Out World!!!

So one night, one of the group members had a fortune in her chinese fortune cookie that she wanted to share. It was a simple statement/question at first glance. I had her repeat it again. The second time it really made me start to think. It said, “What is the distance between your eyes and your soul?” It is one of those questions that you read and then say… “What??” Once you read it a few more times, it makes you realize that you are being asked a stirring and personal question.

Ok, let me explain…..

I have heard many times that a person’s eyes are the entry way into a person’s soul. I find that to be a true statement. When I look into a person’s eyes, I can usually tell how they are feeling. Whether they are happy, sad, or even what their intentions are. It can also show what kind of health their soul is in. I have a theory. Where you direct your eyes, there your soul will lie. Do you direct your eyes to just worldly things, your job, your looks, or someone else’s perceptions of you? If you do, how does your soul feel? Do you feel connected to yourself or do you feel like you hardly know who you are?

I have a suggestion. Try directing your eyes to God. Connect them to the things God is connected to. When you do, you will be pleasantly surprised just how much God will teach you about yourself and your potential. After a while your soul will begin to feel healthy, happy, and complete. It starts with a prayer, which opens up a connection with God like no other. His word will guide you and speak to you about a potential for God to do amazing things through you.

So I ask….. What is the distance between your eyes and your soul?

Proverbs 17:24″Sensible people keep their eyes glued on wisdom, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth”

Psalm 119:18 “Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”

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